Mark Yates
12 rue Maryse Hilsz
75020 Paris
tel 00 33 (0)686086819


The Author

After working as a photographer, a tax collector and a teacher in Britain the author came to France to pick grapes several decades ago and is thinking of settling here.

During this time he has been a teacher of English, programme designer and trainer of teachers for a major language teaching company in Paris.

Besides his official work for the company he wrote a sequence of several hundred activities for language learning on computer, originally in Quick Basic which, have served for more than ten years and has recently developed a more up-to-date series of activities using (mainly) TexToys and Hot Potatoes the early versions of which are proving popular with students and are currently available for free use at .

Amongst his ideas for language teaching programmes is the one referred to here "Merry in Paris" which aims at specific niche market.