Level: B1 – B2 Council of Europe Common European Framework
Student type: Adult learners 18+
Market: Commercial and Business Language teaching organisations.
Method : Communicative, Direct.

Each of 24 units consists of:

Originality of the approach.

Most teaching material for learners of English tends to concentrate on British and American locations. Many adult learners, however, particularly in business, spend a lot, if not most, of their time speaking English to visitors to their own city. Having lived in Paris for many years, I know my students talk a great deal about the city and life in France to their foreign colleagues, giving practical advice, explaining oddities specific to France and showing people around. In other words they don’t talk about things in London, but in Paris – not buying a pint in a pub but how to get a stamp which involves going to a tobacco shop, not how to use the Underground but how to use the free “Velib” bicycles in Paris.

Niche markets

There are enormous numbers of English learning programmes available for niche markets, both structural and functional: engineers of different kinds, grammar, pronunciation, English for hotels, aeronautics,  political science and a thousand and one aspects of business English.
Although books exist, of course for learners of specific nationalities these usually depend upon translation and the subject matter is Anglo-Saxon. The idea of a geographical niche in terms of the subject matter is, however, as far as I know an unexploited domain. This is an attempt to fill that gap as far as France, and more specifically, Paris, is concerned.
The vast number of students of English here at this level is certainly enough to justify the existence of such a programme. Students and company training managers can identify with the subject. This provides an excellent marketing approach.

This programme provides:

For the student:

Spoken language models. (Dialogues not monologues)
Tasks which effectively reinforce these models.
Encouragement to explore the language used in depth.
Contexts and material which the student can easily identify with.
Html activities for use from disc or website.

For the teacher:

A guide through a presentation of vocabulary and grammar
Presentations which even an inexperienced  teacher can handle.
Meaningful examples which bring out the salient points.
A global model for teaching from this kind of material which

The first and last units set up and complete the scenario for those in between where the device of taking a Canadian visitor about allows the development of practical dialogues using colloquial language in ways which the target audience will identify with.

It is suggested that you look at the first and perhaps the last dialogue to get the picture as well as the more complete material for a typical unit.