Merry in Paris - an English Language Teaching course

The Author

Introduction - Originality of this project.

Students' book sample unit. pdf (Ch 8)

Teachers' Book sample chapter. pdf (Ch 8)

A sample of an activity to be added to the Cd accompanying the program

Teaching this programme
(A compendium of hints and advice which will serve as an introduction to the programme for teachers.)

Recording to go with sample unit, chapter 8 : Where's the water come from?



html exercises to go with sample unit.

Dictation: Comprehension

Dictation: Writing.

Grammar revision - Passive

The context: Each lesson is a standalone unit (so that student's don't need to follow a storyline) but the first and last do serve to provide a context for the main theme of which the above is an example. Here are the sound files for units 1 & 24

Dialogue for unit 1 - I can't make Saturday




Dialogue for unit 24 - Sure I can make Saturday




NB Rather amateur recordings may need redoing although experience shows they work well in the classroom.