Provided you have more than three students in a class, and provided they have enough knowledge of the language to function in at least simple situations, group preparation of Role Plays can provide several advantages:

  1. By working in groups more people are speaking.
  2. They are working on a task in the target language.
  3. Peer pressure should push them to produce something of high quality.
  4. The teacher can concentrate attention where most required.
  5. As students prepare the RP in groups, each group's RP, when acted out should have an element of surprise for the others.

Step 1


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


If it is the first time a group has done a Role Play you can seriously consider instigating applause for the first effort. If you can get them to clap each other's performance it will act as an additional spur to put more real theatrical effort into their performances next time.


Mark Yates 2000