For, During. When or While - Which is correct in the following sentences?

Questions: (Note your answers to compare at the end)

  1. The theft happened sometime during a period of three weeks ________ the house was unnoccupied.
  2. A good pickpocket will put his hand in your pocket ________ only a second or two.
  3. Biggs, the most famous of the " Great Train Robbers " has been in Brazil ________ about 20 years now
  4. More than 1m was embezzled ________ the 5 years the crooked accountant worked for the company.
  5. He was sent to prison for 5 years but while he was there he learned a lot more about house-breaking.
  6. My car was robbed during the afternoon. I only left it ________ 10 minutes. They stole my radio and a briefcase.
  7. House robbery is called "burglary" if it is done ________ the night.
  8. ________ the hold up one of the gangsters shot a bank clerk.
  9. A couple of joyriders stole my car. They only kept if ________ an hour. Then they dumped it in a field.
  10. The poachers waited in silence ________ an hour to be sure the bailiff wasn’t around.
  11. Poachers, working ________ the night took 500 salmon.
  12. Most companies lose a lot of small items like stationary ________ working hours through pilfering.
  13. House-breakers are very active ________ the summer -
  14. I’m sure our accountant has been on the fiddle ________ years.
  15. I think he’s been fiddling the books ________ the boss has been away.
  16. Shop-lifting has been a problem ________ years - ever since self-service was invented.
  17. TV cameras watched ________ the shoplifter moved from department to department.
  18. The store detective only approached the shoplifter ________ he had left the shop.
  19. Shop-lifting increased ________ the shop cameras were out of action
  20. ________ self-service was introduced, shoplifting increased.
  21. Someone got in the house ________ we were away. They vandalised the living room. Everything was broken.
  22. In one of our branches shoplifting accounts for 5% of turnover, 6% ________ the Christmas period.

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