A Job Interview

Interviewer - So. When did you start to work for your last company?

Applicant - Well, I joined them 6 months ago.

Interviewer - And what was your job?

Applicant - I was a Father Christmas.

Interviewer - Excuse me?

Applicant - I was a Father Christmas in a department store.

Interviewer - But it doesn't say that in your CV!

Applicant - Of course not. I wanted to get an interview!

Interviewer - But you're asking for a job in marketing.

Applicant - Right. I'm good at selling ideas.

Interviewer - Why do you think you're good at selling?

Applicant - Well, the first thing you have to sell is yourself

Interviewer - So. You haven't convinced me yet.

Applicant - Sure but I got my previous job.

Interviewer - You mean as Father Christmas? What's so special about that?

Applicant - What month is it now?

Interviewer - Why? February of course!

Applicant - Right. Do you know any other Father Christmases who got a job in August?

Speaking exercise

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