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Browsers - Text exploration for learners of English

These activities are designed to increase your knowledge in a useful area of vocabulary
and sometimes to look at a common grammatical aspect of the languge.

1 - Title: An Interview

Level : Basic. (Level 3)

Vocabulary: A job interview.

A "browser", not an exercise. Learn some vocabulary about job interviews in context

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2 - Title: Theft

Level : Intermediate. (Levels 4-7)

Structure practice: For, During. When, While

Vocabulary: All about thieves and stealing.

There are many terms in everyday use around this all too common subject.
Here you will meet some of them in context
Click on any highlighted words for information.

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3 - Title: Ravens in the Tower

Level : Intermediate. (Levels 4-7)

Vocabulary: General.

A "browser", not an exercise, to let you learn some vocabulary about birds, history and legend.

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4 - An Accident

Level : Lower Intermediate. (Levels 3-5)

Practice Passsive forms and learn some vocabulary about road accidents.

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5 - Telling Jokes

One of the two most difficult things to do in a foreign language (swearing being the other). However, if you have to make a speech it can be useful. Two jokes just for practice. Call up the voice recording function (usually in "accessories" under Windows) to practice and compare your pronunciation.

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