Level 7 Unit 3 -
Use of Infinitives, Perfect infinitives - Part 2

Complete the sentences.

Fill in all the gaps with the right form of the verb. Click on the ? button to see which verb to use. Press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter if an answer is giving you trouble. Note that you will lose points if you ask for hints!


You probably recognize the present form of the infinitive: TO GO,
NOT TO TAKE, etc.:

I was happy TO HELP him repair the car.
I was sorry NOT TO SEE you at the meeting.

But sometimes you need a perfect infinitive:

John was pleased TO HAVE MADE such a good impression on the selection committee.
He was happy NOT TO HAVE LET them find out he has no qualifications.

And sometimes it is in the passive:

Alan is delighted TO HAVE BEEN CHOSEN for the award.
I was sorry NOT TO HAVE BEEN GIVEN a second chance.

Infinitives after SEEM and APPEAR

We use the PRESENT infinitive with the verbs SEEM and APPEAR when the
action of the infinitive and the verb take place at the same time:

Janet SEEMS TO HAVE plenty to do at work.
Steve DIDN'T APPEAR TO KNOW how to use a computer.
Does Harry SEEM TO BE WORRIED about something?

We use the PERFECT infinitive when the action of the infinitive
has already taken place:

You SEEM TO HAVE ENJOYED your vacation. Welcome back!
When I saw Tom he didn't APPEAR TO HAVE LOST any weight.
Mrs. Carter didn't SEEM TO HAVE BEEN AFFECTED by the bad news.

We sometimes use infinitives to report or to express beliefs:

Present Infinitive
Everyone says Bob is the company's best manager.
Bob IS SAID TO BE the company's best manager.
Smoking IS KNOWN TO DAMAGE your lungs.
Last winter was terrible . It was believed TO BE the coldest winter ever.
The doctor is said NOT TO PRESSURE patients for payment.

Perfect Infinitive
They say that Ben was in business at one time.
Ben is said TO HAVE BEEN in business for himself at one time.

The bank robber was thought TO HAVE ROBBED three other banks.
Henry is reported TO HAVE WON the lottery.
Mrs. Saunders is said TO HAVE BEEN APPOINTED chairman.

So now try the exercise...
Use the infinitive forms. e.g.:
To see, To have seen, To have been seen
or their negatives:
Not to see, Not to have seen, Not to have been seen.

Hello, Mr Johnson. It's nice you.

Good-bye, Mr. Johnson. It's nice .

I am very sorry you earlier, Mr. Johnson.

I'm happy that Larry is getting a promotion. Do congratulate him for me.

It's almost October. We hoped building our new house by now.

Aren't you surprised Mick at the banquet last night?

I was happy that Larry is getting a promotion. Do congratulate him for me.

Mr. Harper had to go to hospital in the end. He was foolish to a doctor sooner.

The customer who claims her bill is here to see you.

Bob is lucky himself seriously in the skiing accident.

Ms. Owens is honored to represent our organisation on the national committee.

I liked school but now that it's over I'm happy .

I intended you yesterday but I forgot. I'm very sorry.

The company is known in the early 19th century.

The fire in the warehouse is believed by a faulty wire.

Marks and Spencers' sales are said for the second quarter in a row.

Ben is staying in San Diego. It's assumed a temporary situation.

The actor Max Power is reported his lawsuit with his ex-wife.