Level 6 Unit 6 -
Reported speech, past tenses

Select the correct answer from the choices given


Reported speech is used to report or describe what someone else says,
asks or thinks.

Here are some common "reporting" verbs:
say inform report ask
tell mention think wonder
claim announce complain inquire
know believe promise want/would like to know

Direct quote: "I get to work around 8:30 every day," said Mary.
Reported: Mary said (THAT) she GOT to work around 8:30 every day.

Everyone who saw the play said it was fantastic.
Mrs. Carter claims she was overcharged for her car repair.
Mary complained that she hadn't been treated fairly.

Yes/No Questions:
Direct Quote: "Are you coming home for dinner, Tom?" asked Anne.
Reported: Anne asked Tom IF/WHETHER HE WAS COMING home for dinner.

Arlene wanted to know if I was going jogging today.
Ask Jim whether or not he has a camera I can use.
The desk clerk inquired whether we'd be staying another night.

Question-word Questions:
Direct quote: "How much does this camera cost?"
Reported: Please ask the clerk how much THIS CAMERA COSTS.

Notice that the reported questions change form and word order,
becoming statements.

I wonder when the train will arrive.
Peter wanted to know how long I'd been studying French.
Jim asked Mary what she was going to do Saturday night.

When the reporting verb is in the past tense the verb in the reported
statement or question may change form:


Mary said, Mary said ...
"I GO to the theater." she WENT to the theater.
"I AM GOING to the theater." she WAS GOING to the theater.
"I WENT to the theater." she HAD GONE to the theater.
"I HAVE GONE to the theater." she HAD GONE to the theater.
"I WILL GO to the theater." she WOULD GO to the theater.

Jerry asked, Jerry asked Gina ...
"Where DO you LIVE?" where she LIVED.
"When are you LEAVING?" when she was LEAVING.
"What time DID you ARRIVE?" what time she HAD ARRIVED.
"ARE you ENJOYING yourself?" if/whether she WAS ENJOYING herself.