Level 5 - Unit 1 - Prepositions & Particles: Enter one of the six words in each gap.

Verbs with particules are rather arbitrary: there aren't any useful rules. However, In this activity there are (generally) two similar examples so, when you get one right by trial and error, you should at least be able to find another to get right first time! Good luck.
Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter.
   about      at      for      of      to      with   
How long have you been able drive a car?
Mario, when you go to the U.S. you will have to get used being on time for appointments.
Are you afraid spiders?
I am afraid say there has been a mistake in the accounts.
Some people just aren't aware what other people feel.
I've never been able understand how Joan could marry George.
The driver ahead me suddenly braked and I couldn't stop in time.
Mary was very attached her cat. She was very upset when it died.
Do you agree your boss' opinion about most subjects?
Are you aware the impression you make when you talk like that?
I'm afraid I have little affection rap music!
If I had known more investing I would never have bought stock in Dodgy Telecom.
John was accused murdering his wife.
I must say I was astonished Jane's ability to impress her clients.
The Tories are ahead Labour in opinion polls leading up ___ next week's election.
If Peter had demonstrated a little more affection his wife, she wouldn't have left him.
I would like to apologise what I said yesterday. I'm afraid I exagerated.
More women than men are frightened snakes.
I will attach the pictures my e-mail.
I can't agree you about this new policy.
That new salesman is always late and he never even apologises it!
I wouldn't like to live in Spain. I couldn't get used the heat.
Have you ever done anything that you were ashamed ?
Has anybody ever accused you lying?
You should be ashamed yourself!
Have you heard the one an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman?
Peter's teachers were astonished his test results.
I know nothing the break-in, officer.
I am afraid say I don't believe you!