Level 5 Unit 1 - Hard vs Hardly (1) Meanings of "Hard"

Select the correct answer from the choices given.

Adjective or adverb?

"Hard" can have three meanings:

An adjective meaning "solid":
This seat is too hard for me.
Granite is a very hard rock.

An adjective meaning "difficult":
That's a hard question.
Chinese is a hard language to learn for most Europeans.

An adverb meaning "with a lot of effort":
You'll have to study hard if you want to pass the exam.
I ran as hard as I could but I still missed the bus.
On my computer keyboard you have to press the "e" key quite hard to make it work.

All of these can be used in the comparative (harder) or superlative (hardest)

Diamond is harder than glass.
Chinese is harder to learn than Esperanto.
I suppose Peter studied harder than John. He certainly got a better mark in the exam.

Diamond is the hardest material we know.
Chinese is the hardest language I have tried to learn.
Peter studied hardest and he got the best marks.

In this activity decide which of the three categories the sentence fits.