Level 5 Unit 1 -
Causatives - complete the sentences with
"to get" and the words indicated when you click on "?"


Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter.

The causative - using "Get" instead of "Have"

Introduction to the Causative with GET:

To HAVE something done vs to GET something done.

Almost the same but GET often indicates a higher degree of difficulty:

It's easy to HAVE a French text translated into English but you wouldn't believe the problems we had to GET a Chinese text translated into Greek last week!

This exercise practices the structure with common tenses.

The simple examples in this activity are in the present, future, simple past and imperative.

Complete each sentence by using the verb "to get" and the words shown when you click on "?" next to the blank.
Rain is forecast next week It will be hard before it starts.
All the garages were closed and we couldn't anywhere!
Have you found somewhere ?
Do you know where I can ?
The council says I have to .
If we can find a decorator we next winter.
If you soon you won't be able to see through it!
The coat was too long when I bought it so I had .
In a few years time we will be able by drone.
Why you while the weather was warm?
That's crazy! You should !
If you take your dog to the UK next month you for rabies first.