Level 4 Chapter 11 - Should - part 1

Level 4 Chapter 11 - Should - part 1


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SHOULD - Use for general times - USUALLY, NEVER, SOMETIMES, etc. or for the future.

Examples: You SHOULD never drive over the speed limit.
You SHOULD see a doctor tomorrow.

SHOULD BE + ing - Use for the moment of speaking. (or sometimes a near future)

Example: You SHOULD BE studying right now.
They SHOULD BE arriving at any minute.

SHOULD HAVE - Used for the past. Generally, the form is
"You should have done something, but you didn't."
If I say "I should have gone." that means that

Examples: I SHOULD HAVE paid the bill last week. (but I didn't)
I SHOULDN'T HAVE missed class. (but I did)
John SHOULD HAVE BEEN at school (but he wasn't!)