Level 4 Unit 11 - Causatives -
Complete the sentences with the verb indicated.

Gap-fill exercise


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Introduction to the Causative:
The Causative is used when we don't do something ourselves but ask someone to do it.
Generally, for example, you park your car yourself but if you go to a very expensive restaurant there may be someone to do it for you and:
Affirmative You have your car parked.
Negative: You do not (don't) usually have your car parked
Question: Do you have your car parked?

The simple examples in this activity are in the present, future, simple past and imperative.
I don't cut my hair myself. I it . (to cut or to do)
Can you repair the car yourself or shall we it ? (to repair or to do)
The swimming pool is all green! It's time to the water . (to change)
It's green already? But I the water only last month!
Mary has lost a lot of weight. She's taken five dresses to the dressmaker to the waists . (to take in)
Our cat was run over by a car and injured so badly that we had to her . (to put down)
Unfortunately some people don't want to their children . (to vacinate)
That tooth is bad. You'll have to it . (to fill)
This wine is corked! Call the waiter and it . (to change)
The piano sounded terrible after the damp winter so last week we it . (to tune)
I know these shoes are ancient and look terrible but they are so comfortable I'm going to them again. (to repair)