Level 4 Unit 4 -
Select the correct answer from the choices given

Would, Could, Might in conditionals

COULD - A physical possibility.

Example: If I were taller, I COULD see over the fence.
(but I wouldn't necessarily do it!)

MIGHT - A question of chance, but not in your control.

Example: You MIGHT see a tiger, if you went into the forest.
(There is a tiger there, but not everyone sees it.)

WOULD - A sure consequence.

Example: If you jumped in the water, you WOULD get wet.
(At least the person speaking thinks so.)

Note: There are, of course, many sentences where two or
all three answers would fit:

(If I were rich I COULD, WOULD or MIGHT buy a Rolls Royce.)

There are no sentences like this in this activity

Try to answer the questions using this guide.