Level 3 Unit 12 -
Don't have to, don't need, needn't, mustn't

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Negatives of auxilliaries of obligation

"HAVE TO" and "MUST" are very similar in the affirmative but different in the negative:

MUST NOT is prohibitive. It is forbidden:

You MUST NOT walk on the grass in the park.
You MUST NOT bring cocaine into the country.
In conversation it is usually contracted:
Johnny! You mustn't play with matches!

Is permissive. There is no obligation.

I DON'T HAVE TO work on Saturday (but my boss will be delighted if I do!)
You DON'T HAVE TO put milk in your tea. (Unless you are English and it is for breakfast...)

Is almost the same as DON'T HAVE TO
It can be used in either of the two examples above.

DON'T NEED can be used with a noun and of course:

I DON'T NEED a car (I like public transport) is quite different from
I DON'T HAVE a car (but I need on!)

NEEDN'T is the same as DON'T NEED TO when used with a verb:
You NEEDN'T come in early tomorrow. or
You DON'T NEED TO come in early tomorrow.

NEEDN'T cannot be used with a noun.

In this exercise there are some questions with two right answers. Tick them both.