Level 1 Chapter 5 - They, them, each other - Part 1

Level 1 Unit 5 - They, them, each other - Part 1

Complete the sentences.

Write in the spaces. . Press "Check" to check your answers. "Hint" button for next letter
Singular: John is speaking to Mary.
He -----------> her
(she or it) (him or it)

Plural: John and Peter are speaking to Mary and Jane.
They ---------> them

3 magazines - They are French magazines. Give them to me please.

In simple sentences put THEY before the verb
put THEM after the verb

EACH OTHER: Mr. Suzuki is speaking to Mr. Brown.
Mr. Brown is speaking to Mr. Suzuki.
Mr. Suzuki <-------------> Mr. Brown
Mr. Suzuki and Mr. Brown are speaking to each other.
The children are sitting with Peter, He is talking to .

In class, the students speak to in English.

The students are Japanese, but in class speak English.

The students are French but the teacher always speaks to in English.

Look at the children. are going home.

The secretaries are in the office. The boss is talking to .

John and Mary are in a taxi. It is taking to the airport.

Look at that strange man with the children. What is he giving ?

Look at Father Christmas with the children. What is he giving ? Is it a present?

Romeo and Juliette love .

In England people send cards to at Christmas.