Level 1 chapter 5 - There vs Their vs They're (Part 1)
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There - Their - They're

There is & There are


There is a good art gallery in London; the Tate.
There are many good museums in New York.

Is there a Renoir picture in the gallery?
There isn't a Renoir in the Tate.

Are there any English or American people in your office?
There are some Americans but there aren't any English people there.

THEIR posessive
John and Mary's dog = Their dog.


John and Mary walk their dog every day.
I want to phone John and Mary. Do you have their number?
John and Mary are good cooks. I love their fish soup.

(They are)

Are John and Mary American? No. They're Australian.
Are John and Mary driving here? No. They're comling by taxi.
Which writer do you prefer, Jane Austin or Fielding? Well, they're both good, but they're very different.