Step 2:

Many activities use the following 3 functions. Please check to see they work on your machine.

Can you hear the sound?

You may have to download Java to get this to work.



Record yourself.
Compare your voice and recordings in the activities

You will need a program like Moo0 for this. You can download Moo0 free HERE

Set Moo0 parameters:
Tick "Keep on top"
Choose "Only Voice" in the box above the word "Ready..."

Move the Moo0 window to a corner of the screen until you want it.
To use it click on "Start recording"
Click on "Stop" to finish
Click on the black triangle on the left to playback. Your recording will loop till you stop it.

Another function, Vocaroo, will be added as time alllows.

Can you play the video?

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