Dictation to type.

    • Click on the sound bar to hear the text. Stop after the first sentence, then begin to type in the text in the field marked "Guess"..
    • You can type any word, words or phrases which you hear. You can enter words and phrases in any order.
    • When you click on "Check" all the words you have typed will appear in the text. If, for example, you type the word "and", and there are 6 "ands" in the text, they will all be shown.
    • If the word or words you have written are incorrect, or not in the text, they will be added to a list of wrong guesses..
    • If you are in difficulty, the button "hint" will give you the next missing letter in the text.
    • Speaking practice:
    • When you have finished, use the "Record yourself" bar to practice repeating selected phrases or, if you wish, the whole dictation for oral practice.
    • Some of these activities include video sequences. They work in just the same way.

Typical sound icons with instructions:

"Mini" version
Vocaroo: Practice your pronunciation:







    • The "Listen and repeat" bar:
      Click on the triangle at the bottom left to start playing.
      Click on the same button to pause
      Clickon the button with a square to stop and go back to the beginning.
      You can also slide the marker in the bar back to hear a word or a phrase again.
      Click on the control at the bottom right to adjust the volume.

    • The "Mini" version:
      This is used for single words or short sentences and you can only click on the triangle to play

    • Vocaroo ; the "Practice your pronunciation" function:
      Use this to practice speaking whole texts or key sentences.
    • NB: Vocaroo appears not to work with Chrome. You can use Firefox or another browser. Remember, sound functions require Flash to be installed.
    • If you have trouble with Vocaroo, MooO is a useful little program which will let you do the same thing.