logo_top.JPG Level 3 - Chapter 5 - Future Progressive

Complete the sentences.

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. Use the "Hint" button to get a free letter.

Three uses of the Future progressive.

You must use the Future progressive tense to indicate an action which is ongoing at some defined future moment:

At this time next week I'll be lying on the beach in the sun.
Look at the queue! We'll still be waiting at 6 o'clock at this rate.
I'll probably be working when you call tomorrow so just leave a message on my phone.

It is used, strangely, to indicate a probable progressive action for the present moment:

You want to see Morgan? He'll be unloading the truck I think. Have you checked the stores?
Jane left Paris six hours ago. She''ll be landing in New York any time now.
What's the weather like at your end? I suppose it'll be raining, as usual.

Sometimes it is used colloquially for a future action for no very good reason.

Instead of:
"I'm leaving at midnight." or "I'm going to leave at midnight." or "I'll leave at midnight." (all of them correct)
you are quite likely to hear: "I'll be leaving at midnight."

Instead of:
"I'm seeing John tommorow." or "I'm going to see John tomorrow." or I'll see John tommorow. (all of them correct)
you may hear: "I'll be seeing John tommorow."

In the exercise, use the future progressive to fill in the gaps using the verb in brackets at the end of each sentence. Other forms are correct grammatically but are not allowed here.

You can use contractions when appropriate but don't forget the apostrophe: 'm 'll etc..

1 - you anything interesting at the weekend? (do)
2 - Well, I guess I you at the weekend. (see)
3 - John with us. He's busy. (not come)
4 - When you your hoidays this year? (take)
5 - If I know John, he down the pub, a pint at this time of day. (have)
6 - If I call you at eight tonight, I your dinner? (not interrupt)
7 - What will you be doing while I the dinner this evening. (make)
8 - If I don't answer the door when you arrive, walk round the side of the house. I in the garden. (work)
9 - I suppose Mary a party for her birthday next week. (have)
10 - You can't speak to Dr. Smith now. He until 12 o'clock. (operate)
11 - She round the mountain when she comes. (come) (Popular song title and first line)
12 - She six white horses when she comes. (ride) (Second line of the same song)